Plumb line construction

Plumb 400 gr construction
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The construction plumb line is the simplest measuring tool used for vertical control. The tool is a thin thread with a heavy load at the end.
The plumb line is used for:

•   Control of the evenness of the walls
•   Drawing vertical lines
•   Installation of doors and windows
•   Placement of formwork
• &Wallpapering
• Installation of plaster lighthouses, etc.

The popularity of plumb lines has decreased significantly with the advent of laser levels. Despite this, construction plumb lines always remain relevant, as they have a low cost and effectively perform their work under any conditions, unlike laser levels.

Features of construction plumb lines:
• The load has the shape of a cone or bullet (the end is always pointed)
•    Loads are made of steel or thick rubber
•    The weight of the cargo ranges from 100 g to 800 g (light weight is used for indoor work, and more weight for outdoor work)
•   Plumb threads are mainly made of nylon
•   The standard length of the threads is 5 m (often 2.5 – 3 m is enough)

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