Foam mounting PROFFLEX FIRE BLOCK flame-resistant pistol (12 x 0.85l)

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ROFFLEX FIRESTOP 65 is an all–season high-performance fire fighting foam with increased yield. The foam meets the requirements of GOST 30247.0-94 "Construction structures. Methods of fire resistance testing. General requirements". The incombustibility of the foam is confirmed by the certificate of conformity of NSOPB.RU.PR089/3.N.00393 (a copy can be downloaded on the website in the certificates section). The second page of the certificate provides real data on fire resistance, depending on the depth and thickness of the mounting seam. The resistance indicator (EI) is set in minutes.


· Improved formula that increases the gorenje resistance

· Fire resistance according to GOST 30247.0-94 reaches 240 minutes

· In accordance with the European standard DIN 4102, foam belongs to class B1 – "A material difficult to ignite. Such materials include, in particular, solid foamed polymers, wood materials containing flame retardants. The material must be self-extinguishing when the fire source is removed!1"

· Hardens in the range from -18°C to +40°C

· Has high thermal and sound insulation properties

· Has excellent adhesion to concrete, gypsum, brick, floor panels, glass, wood, PVC (except fluoroplast, polyethylene and polypropylene)

· Foam output up to 65 L (depending on ambient temperature and air humidity)

· Formation of a surface film: 15 min. (at a temperature of +20 ° C, rel. humidity 65%)

· Pretreatment time: 60 min. (at a temperature of +20 ° C, rel. humidity 65%). Only cutting of the top layer is allowed! Before complete polymerization, damage to the internal structure of the foam and treatment with any materials that harden due to moisture absorption in order to prevent competitive moisture absorption is prohibited

· The time of complete polymerization is 24 hours.

- (Инструкция_по_применению.pdf, 900 Kb) [Download]

- (ГОСТ_30971-2002.pdf, 2,967 Kb) [Download]

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